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Rave Nation, it means underground, pleasure from the music, life and unity which electronic music creates, it is simply the party which is made by heart and love for music. It has been created by people who experienced the wave of 90s and have been influenced by it forever. It is about fun, music and support of classic, pure club scene. It is not about the playing of digitally premixed "sets" from USB card or CD, Rave Nation will always keep the original standard – vinyls, live mixing, little bit free party, little bit clubbing, but simultaneously fresh and multi-genre event where the vinyls turn from house, psytrance to acid hardcore. As Westbam once said: "We are one family" and that is exactly what Rave Nation is about – party for friendly people who have risen on this wave or simply want to be like the one family. Therefore the name Rave Nation – party respects the rave age of 90s when people used to party whole nights and the best music has been made – speedy, but full of melody and energy. Nation, it is us, you.. group of people which is still enjoying the music together. As the proof that project has not been primarily aimed to generate the profit might be the fact that few editions of this party have been donated by organizers – DJs with free entry. This is not pure commercial project but mainly the rave done by heart. And based on this "philosophy" it has all begun…


Rave Nation has started in December 2007 when DJ Killer with friends founded this party originally as underground acid techno event. It was natural progress when, after tens of previous organized vinyl parties as Summer of Hate or Space Woodstock in 2001-2007, Rave Nation was created. It was really specific party which, by its specific "heart" philosophy and atmosphere, took attention of, for instance, server Techno.cz that sent his reporters to few editions. After several parties in various clubs in the eastern Czech Republic it moved to Pardubice where most of editions took place, most often in the underground-orientated club Ponorka. Party has been created as multi-genre event with original music concept – from house, progressive, through trance, hard trance, psytrance / goa to acid techno, rave and hardcore. So the music speeds up from 130 to 200 BPM. Besides the classic Rave Nation DJs Killer, Lucas and Shiva who played at all editions of Rave Nation, also other guests and well known DJs were invited, as for instance legend from Pardubice YESS or the most famous Czech promoter Aleš Bleha. It also needs to be mentioned that event survived the "poor times of club scene" when such vinyl parties in Pardubice and neighbourhood were almost dead and exceptional. Fortunately, today it is different, not only in Pardubice we see the boom and return of club vinyl parties and many DJs return to vinyl. Often these parties are called "oldschool" or "classic" but why actually? Idea of Rave Nation is a bit different – vinyls and turntable mixing is not only classic, but it still is and will be the TOP, the only and real DJing, of the highest difficulty and quality. Therefore we are happy that we have never changed the philosophy and kept the vinyl way during last 10 years of Rave Nation. Yes, in 2017 it will be 10 years of Rave Nation Czech Republic and it is time to celebrate it with real legend that will underline the message of Rave Nation. And it can not be anyone else than Marusha, the world´s most legendary female DJ ever. We are proud that she has accepted our invitation to Saturday, 18th February 2017 when another edition will take place: Rave Nation: 10 years. And the ones who have heard her recent sets know that it will be really worth! She will play her classic early rave set which made her so famous…

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www: www.marusha.de


www: www.ladida.cz


www: dj.drom.sk/agent/

DAHO & GINGER (North Sound Works, Nula2)

DAHO+GINGER (North Sound Works, Nula2), "Murder boys" from Jablonec are active DJs since 1995, we can specify their style as quality industrial techno combined with modern sounds and rude electronics elements. They are real pioneers of this style in the Czech Republic, but they got famous also due to the precise vinyl mixing, up to four turntables and two mixers. They have played in all smaller and bigger Czech clubs but also at many big parties and festivals as for instance Summer of Love, Orion Hall, Cosmic Trip, Citadela etc. They are also favourite DJs in our neighbours – Germany where they have played at famous festival Sonne Mond Sterne and also, as the only Czech DJs, in legendary club Tresor. Among other countries where Daho & Ginger have played are Poland, Croatia or Hungary. Besides DJing they are well known by their vinyl shop Nula2 and their love with vinyl, they have never played from different medium. That is why they perfectly match to the Rave Nation concept.

Rave Nation DJs


Founder of Rave Nation, Summer of Hate, Vinyl Club Night and other parties, promoter and organizer. But most of all lover of vinyls and DJing in which he is engaged since 2001. He has never played in different style than with turntables. His name is closely joined with style acid which he actively promotes and playes since the very beginning, with his classic lettering "Acid Forever" on his T-shirt which is such a motto. His sets are the combination of acid techno, hard techno, rave, hardstyle and hardcore but he often plays also hard remixes of famous hits from Underworld or Prodigy. Usually his sets are divided into two parts – first acid techno and second faster – rave, sometimes ending in furious tempo exceeding 200 BPM. But the music is not monotone insanity, it is full of spheres, melodies and synthezators. He calls his style simply as acid rave, influenced by the Thunderdome era but most of all British wave of acid techno with godfather Chris Liberator. He produced two albums of his own tracks and played at many club parties and festivals.


Long-time fan and supporter of harder and melodic trance. He started DJ career in 2002 on hardhouse and hardtrance, soon he moved to classic trance which he plays till today, also on vinyl which is quite unusual and valueable in present days - pure and real trance on vinyl has been practically killed few years ago. Fortunatelly, Lucas did not follow the mass of other trance DJs who transformed their style from quality trance to slow and strange house, minimal, EDM.. and furthermore from CD or pre-mixed USB "sets". Therefore the trance which Lucas plays we would today categorize as classic trance, tech trance or hard trance. And those who experienced an era in the beginning of millenium, would surely like to listen and dance to the pure, original trance played well on vinyl again, including the biggest hits from PVD, Yves Deruyter or NU-NRG. And that is exactly what we can always expect from Lucas.


Real psytrance legend since 90s, teacher of next generations of DJs, unique and nice personality. He was very active in organizing of vinyl parties mostly around the city Hlinsko, he was playing even more times a week. His speedy psytrance sets and especially the starting track have gone legendary. He stood by the birth of Rave Nation and althought he was later slightly disappearing out of the club scene and transformed his activities to the psychedelic-rock band Basic Experience, he did not miss even one Rave Nation. Today it is the only party where he plays as the DJ like in the old times. His sets are speedy, usually combination of psytrance, goa and a bit techno / acid.

Next DJs / supporters of Rave Nation team


He joined the Rave Nation team later but is active DJ since 2002. He is known in Brno and Miřetice territories. His sets are suitable for the beginning of parties and warm up of people – he plays house, vocal house, progressive and electro. In the last years he has been experimenting with digital technologies but he always plays the best sets from vinyl to which he always gladly returns. He´s got pretty good technical background and knowledges, that is why he is often managing the sound system of parties as well.


Well known promoter and DJ from Pardubice, one of leading members of famous local group Oldschool Techno Classics and guy who renewed the tradition of bigger techno parties in legendary L-Club in Pardubice. In 2015 he also invited there the techno legend CJ Bolland after many years and played with him. Klap-in is often playing also in other clubs as for instance Žlutý Pes in Pardubice or others around the Czech Republic. Klap-in is also big supporter of vinyl sets and he never plays in different way at his parties. So he is also well matching to Rave Nation concept. Furthermore he plays not only techno but also other styles as acid trance or hard trance.

Volume: Max

Organizer and supporter of parties who is active on the scene since 90s and experienced the first big wave of parties in Pardubice under the lead of legend Aleš Bleha. Volume: Max is the man "behind the stage" but is big lover of techno sound, vinyls, open-hearted guy and of course – owner of the turntables Technics. Usually he is taking care of the technical aspects of parties and sound checks. He is the main organizer of Rave Nation: 10 years.


For this time we want to make the party even more varied so that more fans of club scene gets what they want – not only straight but also broken beats! Therefore, except the main stage, there will be also the second DNB Unity Stage that will, as per its name, connect two known DNB teams – well known matadors. DJs and organizers of DNB Conference will team up with Cartel Sound. This unique connection will bring the real portion of broken beats which will be managed by following DJs:

Formitox (DNB Conference)
Keshu (DNB Conference)
Jezour (DNB Conference)
Raster (DNB Conference)

Expendable (DNB Conference)
Switchman (Cartel)
Fidel (Cartel)
Banshee (Cartel)

Sale of tickets

1. 5. 2016

Party Info / 18. 2. 2017, exhibition center IDEON, Pardubice

Legend returns to Pardubice, after 21 years! Those who participated at her only visit to Pardubice in 1996 maybe did not believe that she will once come back again. Rave queen, one of founders of electronic club scene, vinyl lady, successful producer and indisputably the most legendary female DJ ever. This is how we can shortly describe an author of the biggest rave hits as "Somwhere over the rainbow", "Raveland" or "Deep". She has shown the direction to the world´s dance scene and together with Westbam and other stars was the pioneer and regular DJ participant at Mayday and Love Parade. Simultaneously she is very nice and open minded lady keeping her vinyl standard, she has never played from CD and she is enjoying her sets behind the wheels of steel more than most of today´s young DJs. It is big honour for Rave Nation Czech Republic that she will come to the 10 years anniversary which takes place on Saturday, 18th February 2017 at the exhibition center IDEON in Pardubice www.pvv.cz).

It is really symbolic place, city Pardubice is considered as the cradle of Czech club scene, traditional place of techno and DNB parties since 90s and also good locality for the visitors from other towns and foreign countries – it lays on the main railway route between Prague and Ostrava: people from Prague can be in Pardubice within one hour, from Brno within one and half hour, with some of many direct trains. Pardubice is also only about 70 km from Poland, not far from Slovakia, Hungary but also about 280 km from Germany. Exhibition centre IDEON is well known and proven party place where many similar events took place, mostly organized by DJ Agent – big stars as DJ Rush, Aphrodite or CJ Bolland played here. Now the most famous rave icon will join them.

Marusha looks forward to return to the Czech Republic, she promised the speedy rave set full of her famous hits so it will be really worth! In the last years we could see Marusha in CZ only by her two visits at Trance Fusion in Prague and who has been there will surely not miss her next show in CZ. And what may we look forward to except Marusha? In order to bring even more atmospehere of legendary Mayday Techno House party from L-Club in 1996 with Marusha, same as in that time 21 years ago, Czech techno lady no 1 will play again – Ladida. It will be such a night of two biggest female names of German and Czech techno scene. For this time, Ladida will not use Serato or Final scratch, but will play pure vinyl set as before. Surely we can expect also her biggest hit Life Master which was released even on Maday compilation. Next DJ is another Czech legend – DJ Agent. One of the biggest names of Czech golden techno era, excellent DJ which was favorized by such a stars as DJ Rush. Founder of his own label Fylo, brand DJ of Pioneer who has played among whole Europe. After some time, Agent came from DJing more to promotion and brought to the Czech Republic many big names and organized many big parties, also in IDEON. Althought he is very busy with his present organization activities, he accepted an invitation to Rave Nation so we will see him behind the turntables after some time. Then we can look forward to the techno veterans Daho & Ginger who played in Pardubice during era of the biggest fame of L-Club and they still like to return to Pardubice. They will mix their classic industrial techno. The rest of the night will be fulfilled by the DJS from the Rave Nation team: Killer (acid rave), Lucas (classic trance), Benny (house) and Shiva (psytrance) – Rave Nations DJs. We can also not forget the present foreman of Pradubice´s club scene – DJ Klap-in who renewed the parties in L-Club with CJ Bolland and will play his specific techno set. It means that the main stage will be, as usual by Rave Nation, pure vinyl stage. Quality lights and EAV sound will be prepared by proffessionals from Wenkow sound, we can also look forward to projections, dancers and other tweaks. One of them is also the second stage – DNB Unity Stage, more information you can read here. Gates of IDEON Center will be opened at 7 PM when the first DJ will start his set as well (more detailed line-up will be advised later), end of party is scheduled to approx. 6 AM.

Weapons and own drinks are prohibited to be taken to party, you can be asked for showing of your bags. Thank you for understanding.


Sale of tickets through Ticketportal will start on 1st May 2016

Tickets will be available in the advance booking office – TicketPortal, in its all sale places in the Czech Republic (for instance in Tourist-Info Center at Náměstí Republiky in Pardubice), it is also possible to order – book them at www.ticketportal.cz or buy them later at the club.

Prices of tickets will be as follows:

1. 5. 2016 – 31. 10. 2016

330 Kč

1. 11. 2016 – 18. 2. 2017

370 Kč

In club

400 Kč

Place of Party

exhibition center IDEON
Jiráskova 1963, 530 02 Pardubice